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Cronos Dry Freight Specials
With the efficiencies of containerization influencing all parts of the global supply chain, more types and sizes of project cargos are being transported on both land and sea. Cronos Dry Freight Specials offer a versatile solution to moving unconventional, heavy or over-sized loads with the efficient economics of containerization. Cronos is the one source for specialized containers, Bulkers, Opentops, Flatracks and Rolltrailers.
Cronos Bulkers
Cronos Bulkers are suitable for carriage of a wide range of bulk materials with or without liner bags. Bleed hatches allow for safe partial discharge through rear doors. The front discharge hatch is fitted with a side mounted release. Cronos Bulkers are compatible with all transportation modes.
Cronos Opentops
The ideal solution for carrying over-height cargo or those that require loading from above. A swinging removable rear door header allows full and unrestricted access when needed. The Cronos Opentop is supplied with a heavy duty tarpaulin, designed to protect the cargo from the elements.
Cronos Flatracks
The Cronos Flatrack is designed for the carriage of oversized or products that cannot be carried in a standard container. With multiple lashing points, and flush folding (inwards) full paneled end-walls, the Flatracks allow flexible and easy loading options from either the sides, ends, or above.
Cronos Half Heights
Created for high-density bulk products not requiring large cubic capacity, Cronos Half Heights are versatile pieces of equipment well suited for mining operations and general mineral products. Available in two sizes, the top hinge hatch allows tip discharge, and side hinge doors with swinging header allow fork truck access.
Cronos Rolltrailers
Designed and built to safely and securely carry unconventional loads, the Cronos Rolltrailer provides the solution for moving heavy, oversized cargo unsuitable for containerization. Available in three sizes, Cronos Rolltrailers are ideal for transit onboard RoRo vessels, around terminals, and throughout industrial areas.
Cronos Slimwall CPC®s
The Cronos Slimwall CPC® is the solution for maximizing palleted cargo loads. The patented design and unique construction provide an extra-wide and extra-long internal size, while still allowing a regular side-by-side loading configuration. This full ISO strength container is compatible with all transport modes.
Cronos Car Racks
Engineered for damage-free transport, the Cronos Car Rack 3.7 offers logistical flexibility and the ultimate protection for vehicles. Easy to load, the racks require no electrical power and hold up to three average size cars in a high-cube container. The patented design is approved by European railways.