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Cronos Limited Partnerships - Active

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Cronos Limited Partnerships - Liquidated and Dissolved

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2012 Tax Information

Schedule K-1s for the 2012 tax year were mailed to the Limited Partners on March 15, 2013 to the address of record on file unless alternative mailing instructions were provided to Cronos. The 2012 Schedule K-1 tax information cannot be accessed electronically.

If you require additional information about your limited partnership investment or require additional copies of your 2012 Schedule K-1, please contact our Investor Services Department at 1-866-275-3711.

Transfer Agent

Investors in any of the above-referenced active limited partnerships who would like to request changes to the registration (title) of their investment, should send written requests and any required additional documentation to:

ACS Securities Services Inc.
Attn: Cronos Partnership Administration
14911 Quorum Drive, Suite 200A
Dallas, Texas 75254
Phone: 866-275-3711 (Toll Free)
Facsimile: 214-887-7087

To request an address change, a change in the address to which your distributions are directed, or a broker change, you may submit your request on our Investor Change Request Form.

download Investor Change Form

For other requests not requiring the signature(s) of the investor(s), you may contact us at the address referenced above, or e-mail us at

download Partnership Cash Distributions – Summary for the Second Quarter 2014