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Managed Equipment Programs

Cronos manages equipment leasing investment programs on behalf of third-party equipment owners. These Managed Equipment Programs are governed by agreements between the equipment owners and Cronos. The management agreements provide for a variety of services, including arranging for the purchase of equipment on behalf of the equipment owner, the subsequent leasing of the equipment to customers, and ultimately, arranging for the sale of the equipment.

Investors seeking to make an equipment investment, or existing equipment owners who need assistance or information concerning their Managed Equipment Program investment should contact:

Cronos Containers (Cayman) Ltd. Telephone:
PO Box 10405 (1) (345) 769-1390
Willow House, First Floor
Cricket Square, Elgin Avenue Fax:
George Town (1) (345) 769-1399
Grand Cayman KY1-1004  
Cayman Islands Email: